A citizen-led Appeal for an ecological Europe
We're racing along at 108,000 kph, aboard a spaceship called Earth. We are the crew members, responsible for its future. We must protect it because we don’t have a rescue planet. European astronauts, who are supporting this appeal, bear witness that, seen from space, our planet is a finite, unique and isolated oasis of fragile life. European astronauts, young citizens and personalities who have put our names to this Appeal, followed by the people who will sign this petition, call upon all the candidates standing for European election in May 2019. We will only support those who commit to making every effort, over the next term of office, to ensure the following measures are adopted to address the climate challenge at European level.
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Ambitious measures to meet the climate challenge
All the measures outlined in this Appeal are financially viable and should be funded by tools created or to be developed by EU (e.g. tax on financial transactions, carbon pricing...).
Energy for hope
  • Stop subsidising and financing fossil fuels.
  • Accelerate the transition to clean, neutral energy.
  • Produce organic, eat healthy
  • Accelerate the exit plan for the use of ecocide products like glyphosate.
  • Strongly support the ‘organic’ sector and make it more accessible ; impose certified traceability for organic foods produced outside Europe .
  • Sustainable production
  • Tackle waste by rethinking the entire life cycle of consumables and products from ‘disposable’ to ‘sustainable.
  • Align household and industrial waste management at European level.
  • Move without polluting
  • Tax fuels for intra-European air, maritime, and river transport.
  • Accelerate funding and development of sustainable transport modes.
  • Let the living breathe
  • Put a stop to the development of artificial lands, deforestation, and ‘looting’ of our oceans.
  • Develop ambitious and appropriate legislation for animal welfare.
  • Share/prepare the future

  • Set up an exchange programme involving schools, universities, and professionals in the field of sustainable development.
  • Prioritise European research and development on sustainable development.
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    We are all crew members of this spaceship called Earth. We are all responsible for its future
    Michel Tognini, President of the Association of Space Explorers Europe
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